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Chariho Community Challenge


Stretching Exercises

Ted Talk: Health, Fitness and Happiness & rules to give you all 3

Over the past 25 years, Tony has inspired and motivated people all over the world by sharing his fitness expertise with athletes, sports teams, television and film stars, recording artists and 4 million plus people. Tony changes lives with the perfect mix of physical fitness routines, encouragement, humor, discipline and fun. 

Reading Student

Step away from the screen

Indoor and outdoor alternatives to help you step back from extended screen time. As well as some rules to live by to help integrate less screen time into your life. 

Girl Jumping on Trampoline

Move Your Body, Grow Your Brain

Incorporating exercise and movement throughout the school day makes students less fidgety and more focused on learning. Improving on-task behavior and reducing classroom management challenges are among the most obvious benefits of adding physical activities to your teaching toolkit


Screen Time Challenge

A simple way to log how many hours you are using screens. Allowing you to set goals and become aware of the changes you may need to make when it comes to screen time. Challenge yourself! 

Teen With Skateboard

1 or More Hours of Activity

5-2-1-0 promoted the importance of 1 or more hours per day of physical activity. This resource shares easy and fun ways to incorporate physical activity into your day. As well as ways to make a more gradual change if you are not ready to jump in fully.


Moving every day with the intention of making your body stronger, leaner, and more flexible is a crucial key to feeling good.  The type of movement doesn’t matter!  Do something you enjoy!  What matters is that you move every day and that you change it up every day.  If you walked yesterday, then weight lift today.  If you lifted weights yesterday, then play basketball today…You get the idea, now get to it and have FUN!


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