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Our Mission

Empower all residents to nurture their mental wellbeing and achieve positive health outcomes through education and connection. 

Our Vision

We envision a community where all residents are equipped with the knowledge, support systems, and resources to lead healthy lives. 

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Our Roots

In 2008, a passionate group of Chariho Middle School students set forth to create a group of like minded peers to address substance misuse and mental health – we began our journey as the Chariho Youth Task Force.  In 2018, the Chariho Youth Task Force merged forces with the Chariho Tri-Town Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention and we formalized as a 501©3 nonprofit. During our first decade we worked to change the culture around tobacco use within Charlestown, Hopkinton, and Richmond and on a state level, we honored victims of drunk driving to strive toward a zero fatality Rhode Island, we educated our community of the effects of substance use and work to influence safer medication storage in homes, we are leading a regional movement toward a focus on positive mental health and coping strategies, we launched the Every Body is Beautiful campaign and published a children’s book to change the culture around body positivity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, due to increased need we doubled down on expanding our impact. We launched a mental health resource initiative that connected 45,000 Washington and Kent County residents to crisis-based, local, and preventative resources. We built out our team and hired a Community Health Worker who worked to connect the most vulnerable residents of all ages around to resources to assist with food insecurity, housing, and healthcare.

In October 2023, after fifteen years of growing to meet the needs of our community we officially rebranded our organization as the Wellbeing Collaborative and have set out to connect people and nurture wellbeing in Charlestown, Hopkinton, Richmond and Westerly, Rhode Island.

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Our Work

Connecting People

  • Connecting Organizations to Organizations

    •  Community Partners Coalition Meeting

    •  Finding and filling gaps in services 

  • Connecting People to Organizations and Resource

    • Community Resource navigation guide 

    • You are Not Alone - QR Code Mental Health initiative 

    • Caring Closets / Local Growers Program

    • Strong Arms Support Group

  • Connecting People to People

    •  Know your Neighbor Series (examples)

    • 18+ Board Game Nights

    • Parent Playground Series

    • Seniors Walking Club

    •  Community Hikes

    • Teen Night Hangouts 

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Education and Advocacy

  • School and community-based educational programming and awareness building 

    • Substance use Prevention EBPs (Media Ready, Strengthening Families)

    • Every Body Is Beautiful elementary school curricula, etc. 

    • Stand up to Stigma: let’s talk about mental health 

  • Advocate for evidence-based and effective policies and practices

    • Alternative to Suspension Programs (3rd Millennium)

    • School and Town Wellness Committees 

    • Medication safety and medication take-back in partnership with Police Depts.


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Our Staff 


Dan Fitzgerald, MPH, ICPS

Executive Director


Amy Neilson, MA, CCHW, TTS

Director, Community Outreach

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Rebecca Fitzgerald, CPS

Coordinator, Digital Impact


Terri Censabella, MA, ACDP

Facilitator, SA Support Group

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Our Board of Officers

Volunteer Board Members

Karen Johnson

Operations Officer

Kally Hanifin

Mission Officer

The Rev. Bettine Besier

Finance Officer

Ann Marie Louzon

Relations Officer

Dorothy Fitzgerald

Sustainability Officer
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