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Chariho Community Challenge


Have you ever noticed that when you clean your room (and I mean really clean, not just shove everything into your closet or under your bed!), you actually feel better?  You feel a sense of satisfaction and are physically lighter.  Just from cleaning your room!  Your surroundings greatly influence how you feel emotionally and physically.  Which is GREAT news because you have the power to change how you feel by listening to your favorite song or going outside or taking a warm bath.


Tools & Challenges



Eye Spy: Virtual Bedroom 

You take in your environment through your five sense organs:  ears, eyes, skin, nose, and mouth.  The five sensory experiences are: hearing sound, seeing colors and objects, feeling touch, smelling things, and tasting what you put into your mouth.  Your brain interprets each sensory experience as good, bad, or neutral.  With this interpretation, your brain decides how to react to the sensory input.  This process is constantly going on during your awake hours and determines your overall experience of life.


RI Walks

Spending time outdoors is a great way to unwind, clear your head and recharge. It will reduce stress and anxiety, increase your happiness, and improve your sleep and your health. It's free, fun and habit forming - in a good way. Going on walks and connecting with nature will help to keep you on top of your game!

Computer Tutorials

Media Literacy

Take a moment to learn about the importance of thinking critically about messages you see in the media. Shares key questions to ask yourself when you are consuming content from any source.

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