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Davisville Hangouts

Davisville Hangouts is a group of middle school students in Davisville, North Kingstown who come together to have fun, promote wellness, and make a difference in the Davisville Community! 

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Hi everyone! My name is Kayla Van Gorden and I am the new Davisville Youth Coordinator! I am here to give you and your students everything you need to be ambitious, motivated members of our community. Before school can be prioritized, we as humans first must prioritize our basic needs. As adults we can’t function feeling lonely or tired, we can not expect our students to either. This is a safe space for all students to feel welcomed and encouraged. Our community needs a solid foundation and this is how we begin to build it! Thank you in advance for your continued support

Kayla Van Gorden, Davisville Youth Organizer

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